A group of distinguished citizens and businesses have formed a committee to build an incredible Italian inspired Piazza in front of St. Ambrose Church on the Hill in St. Louis.

The Piazza will be called Piazza Imo. The primary goal of the Piazza Imo is to:

  • Bring people together and provide a central gathering place, similar to piazzas in Italy.
  • Provide an inviting outdoor space for educating children.  Education is paramount to us, especially when it comes to STEM related learning.
  • To welcome people from all neighborhoods to visit with us on the Hill.

One Italian tradition is everyone pitches in and contributes what they can.  We have been blessed to have the help of so many people from the neighborhood who have generously donated their time, talents and products to making this vision a reality.

We hope everyone will come and visit with us, truly everyone is welcome.

Piazza Imo Committee

The Italian culture has a rich tradition of inviting people to our neighborhood and into our homes. We would like to continue that tradition by creating a beautiful Italian inspired Piazza that everyone can visit and enjoy. St. Louis is a city rich in neighborhoods, we would like to invite people from all over to visit our neighborhood and the Piazza Imo. 

Piazza Imo Committee

Coming Fall 2018


The Piazza Imo is being designed, financed and constructed by the Hill Piazza Imo Committee.  The Piazza is being 100% funded by private funding and donations.  No tax dollars will be used to build or operate the Piazza Imo.  Piazza Imo Committee members include:

  • Monsignor Bommarito from St. Ambrose Church – President
  •  Joe Ambrose
  • Bill Frisella
  • John Imo
  • Ed & Margie Imo
  • Tom Caradonna
  • Eddie Tumminia
  • Joe Pisciotta
  • Phil Torrisi
  • Chris Pagano