List of donation levels and benefit

(1) Main entry Gate
(2) Side iron panels, left and right to entry gate
(2) Twelve-foot limestone pillars with ball and bird cap
(2) Eight-foot Limestone pillars with ball in bird cap
(13) Eight-foot Limestone pillars without cap
(1) Grotto
(2) Prayer Gardens with choice of statue and prayer bench
(4) Chess tables
(2) Wall fountains
(1) Encased television
(8) Benches
(6) Pole lamps
(8) London Plan trees
(22) Planters

Unlimited memorial wall:

Continuous marble panel
Large Marble panel unlimited lines
Standard Marble panel unlimited lines

Donate Now

To donate, please send a check or money order payable to The Hill Piazza to:

The Hill Piazza
6801 Hoffman Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139

Thank you for your contribution!

WHY donate

The piazza still needs funding and the committee is encouraging all of St. Louis to help by making contributions, large and small, to bring the piazza to fruition. At this point the funding is at about half of what is needed to complete construction so your generosity is much needed. At the top & bottom of this page you will find a donation link. Your tax deductible donation will be much appreciated and will make you “a friend of the piazza.”

The piazza will be utilized by students of St. Ambrose school in their education, too. Through a partnership with the Missouri Botanical Garden students will learn about plants, plant life, multicellular land plants, funghi and plant reproduction. It will also be a popular location for field trip visits from students throughout the St. Louis area to learn more about Italian culture and life.

The Piazza Imo is being designed, financed and constructed by the Hill Piazza Imo Committee.  The Piazza is being 100% funded by private funding and donations.  No tax dollars will be used to build or operate the Piazza Imo.  Piazza Imo Committee members include:

  • Monsignor Bommarito from St. Ambrose Church – President
  •  Joe Ambrose
  • Bill Frisella
  • John Imo
  • Ed & Margie Imo
  • Tom Caradonna
  • Eddie Tumminia
  • Joe Pisciotta
  • Phil Torrisi
  • Chris Pagano